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What is my Birthstone?

The origins of birthstones are relatively modern, especially the some of the moderns birthstone lists. 

Centuries ago people attached special healing and spiritual powers to each birthstone and they would collect and wear those stones in the respective months to bring them good fortune and health. 

These days they create an easy birthday inspiration gift. There are many birthstone lists floating around but here is the most commonly accepted birthstones for each month. 

A note on custom creations. Most of our "made on order" pieces can be customised with your choice of birthstone or any other gemstone. We are always happy to assist and you are welcome to get in touch with us for pricing on any of our pieces with your choice of gemstones.

January - Garnet
Most of us know the rich red colours of garnet, but did you know that garnet comes in a variety of colours, from orangey tones of Spesarite Garnet to the vibrant greens of Tsavorite. Each different colour has its own unique name, as with most gemstones. 

February - Amethyst
Treasured for centuries and once valued as much as Sapphires and Rubies, this purple gemstone is still a firm favourite and comes in various cuts and up to very large facetted stones. 

March - Aquamarine
Part of the Beryl family of stones, Aquamarine is the light blue variety. Emerald and Morganite are other examples of Beryl. 

April - Diamond
The most prized gemstone and one that has captivated the world. It is the most durable of all gems and its brilliance and fire has ensured that it keeps the top spot. 

May - Emerald
The green variety of Beryl and one of the precious gemstones, together with diamonds, rubies and sapphires. The most beautiful Emeralds come from Columbia and Zambia. They are often included with clearer stones rivalling diamonds in pricing.

June - Pearl
The only gemstone produced by a living creature. Fresh water pearls being produced by molluscs and salt water pearls coming from oysters. Many factors influence the price of a pearl, the main ones being the roundness, surface and lustre. Pearls love to be worn and every jewellery collection should include a strand of white pearls as a staple.

July - Ruby
Known for their rich and intense red tones they are part of the four precious gemstones. Rubies are part of the corundum family of stones with Sapphire being the blue variety. 

August - Peridot
Bright, vibrant with a lime inspired colour tone, Peridot has also been found in meteorites. The Egyptians called it the stone of the sun and many historians believe that Cleopatra's emerald collection, could have been peridot instead. 

September - Sapphire
The sister stone to Ruby, they are both part of the same corundum family. Sapphire comes in a wide variety of colours, from white through to black. With only the red variety being called Ruby. These stones are a 9 on the mohs scale of hardness and are incredibly durable. 

October - Opal
Opals have been collector stones for many years. The variety of colours that each stone contains can be amazing and it changes depending on the lighting environment. Relatively soft and not recommended for daily wear, they make beautiful pendant or earrings where they can be appreciated by everyone around you. 

November - Topaz or Citrine
We feature two stones for November, with blue Topaz and yellow Citrine. These are hardwearing stones with beautiful intense colours and hues ranging from light to very dark and intense. 

December - Tanzanite
Found in only one spot on earth near the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. This is a relatively new gemstone on the market, but its colour has captivated the world. And it very quickly made its way onto many modern birthstone lists as the birthstone for December. 
Other December birthstones include Turquoise and Zircon. Zircon is a natural gemstone and should not be confused with the synthetic cubic zirconia. 

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