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August Birthstone - Peridot

Peridot - the birthstone of August
Also the 15th year anniversary gemstone

Mineral - Olivine
Colour - Yellowish Green
Mohs Hardness - 6.5 - 7

It was called "the gem of the sun" by the Egyptians and it has always been a stone associated with light. There are many stories about peridot being used to keep nightmares away and for protection against evil spirits. The colour green has a soothing and calming effect and could play a role in the feeling of protection. 

Where is Peridot found?

The ancient Egyptians mined this stone on the Red Sea island of Zabargad. Other sources of peridot is the USA, China, Vietnam, Finland and Pakistan. 

Caring for your Peridot

Peridot is a fairly tough stone and is durable enough for jewellery, however take care not to scratch your stones. They are slightly softer than Topaz and Amethyst, and we would advise storing your pieces in separate boxes or compartments in your jewellery box. 

A warm soapy bath is good way to clean these stones, should you not want to take it to a jeweller to clean. 

Why we love Peridot

- The colour! It's a green like no other gemstone! 
- They're alien! Peridot has also been found in meteorites. 
- Double Refractive! Peridot is double refractive, meaning more sparkle. When you look through the table of the gemstone the pavilion facets appear double. 

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