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April Birthstone - Diamond

April Birthstone - Diamond

Mineral - Diamond
Colour - Colourless
Mohs Hardness - 10

Those born in April have diamond as their birthstone. It’s the world’s most sought-after and cherished gemstone. Synonymous with engagement rings and special anniversary gifts, no stone has captured the fascination of the world like this one. 

Diamonds were first discovered in South Africa in the 1860’s and this started the modern diamond market as we know it today. By the 1900’s almost all of the world’s rough diamonds came from South Africa. A century later and diamonds are being mined in almost all parts of the world, with Botswana and Russia being some of the biggest diamond producers currently. 

It’s not just in recent times that diamonds have been a symbol of luxury. It’s estimated that even in 4th century BC they were traded in India, where the stones were found in rivers and streams. They became stones for royalty and the elite. 

Diamonds as engagement rings

Today the most popular use for diamonds are in engagement and wedding rings. With the first recorded diamond engagement ring being given in 1477 by Archduke of Austria to his fiancé. 

Their brilliance and natural fire together with their incredible durability make them the perfect symbol of eternal love. 

Any of our Moissanite designs can be made with natural or lab grown diamonds. We will be happy to assist with pricing options. 

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