Silver Citrine Pendant - Victoria's Jewellery
Silver Citrine Pendant - Victoria's Jewellery

Oval cut Honey Yellow Citrine Pendant in Sterling Silver

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A stone that you can get lost in. Incredible honey yellows shine from deep within this oval cut Citrine. Measuring 20x15mm and wrapped in a silver frame that disappears completely when you view it from the front, making this pendant all about the stone!

Citrine is a dynamic stone that is known to manifest wealth, prosperity success and all things good. It has the power to impart joy to all who behold it. Gloom and Negativity have no place around Citrine or hold on its wearer.  


  • Metal - 925 Sterling Silver
  • Gemstone - Citrine, Oval Cut, 20x15mm

Chain Included - Sterling Silver Box Chain, 45cm