Carved Moonstone Pendant - Victoria's Jewellery
Carved Moonstone Pendant - Victoria's Jewellery

Rectangular cut Carved Moonstone Pendant and Chain in Sterling Silver

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Moonstone - The birthstone of June
Incredible blue, green and violet fire is what you will see coming from this stone. The surface of this rectangular cut Moonstone is carved with a leaf design. 
An absolute must for any Moonstone lover!

Note about this item: Rainbow moonstone has a milky patchy appearance which comes from the white orthoclase inclusions and layers - when the stone catches the light the reflection off the layers and inclusions produces a rainbow effect. (These Internal inclusions are natural to Rainbow moonstone and these stones are rarely flawless)


  • Metal - 925 Sterling Silver
  • Moonstone
    • Rectangular cut
    • 15x13mm in size
  • Visible orthoclase inclusions with rainbow
  • Hand carved surface
  • Chain included - 925 sterling silver box chain, 45cm in length