6x4mm Oval Cut Tanzanite Studs in a classic 4 claw 925 Sterling Silver Setting - Victoria's Jewellery
6x4mm Oval Cut Tanzanite Studs in a classic 4 claw 925 Sterling Silver Setting - Victoria's Jewellery

6x4mm Oval Cut Tanzanite Studs in a classic 4 claw 925 Sterling Silver Setting

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“ the classic 925 Sterling Silver oval stud earring “- tanzanite is the birthstone of december

Butterflies are included with this purchase 

The oval shape in studs are as classic and popular as the traditional round or brilliant cut shape. 
Ovals always look very feminine and is a great “shape-alternative” when you want to first start moving away from traditional round cut stones.  

The easy to wear size (6x4mm) make this pair of studs a lovely choice for starting out your Tanzanite purchases and are very popular among all ages.
We recommend this pair of studs for anyone like a dainty pair of earrings.

Easy to combine with an oval solitaire ring or pendant available on our sight. 

  • Metal - 925 Sterling Silver
  • Tanzanite - 6x4mm Oval Cut 
  • AA moderate to blue 
  • Hardness - 6 

All Tanzanite comes from the same source no matter the “industry name” or expensive packaging behind it!

Tanzanite is known not only for its beauty, but also as the stone that is a thousand times rarer than a diamond! 
It has become one of the worlds most sought after rare and collectable gemstones. 
Discovered near the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in 1967 it quickly dazzled and stole the hearts of gem lovers throughout the world. 
Mined only in a 5km radius at its source of origin, Tanzania remains the only country to produce this rare and beautiful gem. 
Experts predict an average of a mere 15 to 30 years of mining remain before the source will be completely depleted of prized quality gems. 

Truths about Tanzanite

Tanzanite in its rough form is a unique Trichroic gem, radiating 3 colours from each of its crystallographic axes = blue, violet and burgundy. 
But once cut and polished will radiate from deep intense electric blues, royal indigo’s and mesmerising pale violets.

Tanzanite varies greatly in colour and clarity and ranges from Eye clean to Heavily included stones. Flawless stones are incredibly rare and heavily priced. 
Heavily included stones have a beauty of their own and are just as sought after for their individual characteristics in the making of jewellery.  

The deeper the colour,  normally the more valuable the stone. (Light Violets can be equally mesmerising though)
Colours will range from exceptional to pale. (A, AA, AAA, AAA+)

Due to the incredible rarity it is seen as a great heirloom investment. 

The more precise and excellent the cut the more valuable (as per diamond) the stones become 

A level 6 on the hardness scale and should be well looked after and carefully treated when worn. 

Far less expensive than diamonds but far more scarce. 

The official birthstone of December