Pearl Rethreading and Remodelling

Victoria’s stores, located in Cape Town's V&A Waterfront as well as Hermanus Waterfront, along side our online service, provides a rethreading and remodelling service. 
Stretched out and broken strands are restrung and rejuvenated to their former beauty. 
Leaving a precious pearl strand for rethreading and remodelling can sometimes feel daunting and rarely does any woman in love with her strand of pearls like to leave them lying around just anywhere. 
We understand this and luckily we have done this for a very long time. 

For peace of mind and reassurance we will issue you with a comprehensive and detailed job card on receipt. 
Your job card will comprise of the following information as listed below.

1) A photographed picture of the string, bracelet ring or earrings collected
2) A measurement of the size of pearls from clasp end to end of necklaces and bracelets or diameter measurements on rings, pendants and earrings. 
3) A count recording how many pearls on a strand or bracelet received for rethreading or remodelling. 
4) A full description of the shape and luster color of any pearl items received ie. round, semi-round, baroque, potato, rice. 
5) A description of the type of culture ie. Saltwater Akoya, Freshwater, South-sea or Tahitian
6) An accurate description of clasps received or metals surrounding pendants, earrings and rings inclusive of type of metal and karat.
7) A collection date for the return of your strand or pearl jewellery items. 
8) The amount charged for the job and the amount charged in deposit. 

Threading is done professionally in-house and your pearls will only leave the premises of a steam cleaning has been requested. 
We use an industry designed pearl formulation for the washing and cleaning of pearls especially formulated to maintain and protect the fine nacre (outer layer) of pearls. 
Every strand and bracelet received for rethreading or remodelling will be completely cut up and the old worn or broken string removed, this will be replaced with a pearl nylon thread used for its strength and long lasting durability. 
Each string with pearls will be individually knotted as this is the right way to keep keep pearls safe and reduce loss of individual pearls when breaking. 
We are able to replace worn clasps with our in-house selection if your clasp is worn, broken or out-dated. We are also happy to use any clasps or added pearls and findings provided by the client.

We charge a 50% deposit on acceptance of any pearl threading job with the outstanding balance paid on collection. 

We are known for our outstanding pearl service and collection accuracy and have been incredibly fortunate to be trusted by returning local and international clients alike simply for the reason that we value your precious pearl items and their care as much as you!

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