Order your Custom Design and Lock Down your love

Every relationship has a story to tell, the path you walked with your partner will be filled with your own unique tales of joy, tears, and trials, but eventually as you take to the sky in a hot air balloon, hang on a bungee cord or classically go down on one knee you want your story to be reflected in the equally unique and well thought out piece of jewellery you have chosen to present to your partner. A piece that will say “becuase of you, it’s you!”.
Victoria’s is able to bring your story to life whether classical or unconventional, we can design the perfect piece to lock down your love. 
We will customize and create any design to suite your budget and style needs. We are able to procure among many of the worlds most sought after gemstones and with our integrated CAD system, create a piece unique to your story. Whether you want it in Rose Gold , White-Gold, classic Yellow-gold set with a hundred small diamonds or a simple Garnet our designers will bring your ideas to life. 
Already have a picture ? We will replicate it exactly ! 
Our completion time on custom design from start to finish is a short 21 days. We are able to hand deliver  in the Cape Town area or courier throughout South Africa.